September 26, 2017

Meet Tom Veiga, Creator of the Waves Series Surf Art Collection


Tom Veiga, 28, is the creator of the Waves Series

Tom Veiga, 28, is the creator of the Waves Series

The Brazilian art director Tom Veiga, 28, is the creator of the Waves Series, a collection of art inspired by the motion and the continuity of the waves.

The artist,  found in the culture of surfing the way to express your style and your point of view.

In this interview, Tom Veiga tells how he had the idea to make the series and his design plans for the future

SS) You have a very classic style about his work, what lead you to use this style?

Tom)  My style has much to do with my work, I’m a designer in an agency of communication in Brazil and my daily work is the creation of campaigns, design websites, banners and stuff, and a lot of time was thinking of how to put my work with a passion for the waves, thus was born the Serie Waves.

Big Waves

I read one of the waves through the design, God is so perfect that it made each wave around the world with a unique feature, a color, a shape, an erythrocyte, a different size, design and my attempts to express it, united in the desing SurfArte able to develop my style and dash.

SS) Where does the inspiration come from for your art?

Expression Session
Expression Session

Tom) The ideas and inspiration to make the waves can come at any time, a journey, a surf DVD, a magazine, a website with pictures
surf and so I always walk around with paper and pencil, because when I have the idea of a wave design on it instantly.

Sometimes I breathe in some wave states of the world, a place I’ve ever met or even dream to meet you, it helps me to be always closer to the sea and surf culture when I draw.


Jaws Painting

Jaws Painting

SS) What is your methodology behind a painting, which means do you use and how long do they usually take?

Tom) This has a very right time, depending on the inspiration, sometimes weeks trying to get a wave that’s right, sometimes in one day do a perfect, do not have one rule.


La Pastora

The first step is the inspiration, it can come at any time, always walk around with paper and pencil to not lose the moment it arrives.

a trip to the beach, a surf magazine, a DVD of surfing, anything resembling a wave can inspire me.

when I see something that inspires me I have to draw the paper, I sketch the dash until I want to reflect that wave.

Then I scan the drawing and go to illustrator trace the arts and put the first color.

Session Waves

Session Waves

I conclude the arts in Photoshop doing the last adjustments, until the final result.

SS)Why The Name Waves Series ?

Tom) The name Waves Series comes the idea of the series, something solid and always in motion. A surfer dreams of a series of large waves breaking and tubular, one shortly after the other. Waves Series has this idea and concept.

It is a series of waves in various styles, colors and features. There’s always some new art being worked, a new surf art coming.

Series Waves is a closed collection, is something that is also moving, as always has a new swell of creativity coming.


Sun Pipe

SS) What other artists influenced you ?

Tom) I admire surf arts various artists, like the style that each artist expresses his art, because each language has a very specific and valioza.

I very much appreciate the work of Brazilian artist Hilton Alvez the realism of his art, the art of jay alders also has a unique language and strong colors, and like much of Erik Abel that always inspires me all the hallmarks of his works.

But every person who expresses his passion through art has a very large value, like to see all styles of art expressing that love the waves.

Pipeline Surf Art

Pipeline Surf Art

SS) Projects for the future?

Tom) Yes, many projects for 2010, one of them got help through my arts foundations proteações the Oceans and waves as Surfrider and Save the Waves.

I can through my art to help protect our oceans and seas.


Another is that I started painting with paint waves, and I started creating art on the boards, I do decorative boards with Serie Waves, until the middle of the year will be making presentations in this series of boards.

I also want to be more connected to the surf, make a partnership with a brand of surf, go to events, too.

jbay poster


Thanks Tom

For more of Toms work go and visit his main site here


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