October 17, 2017

Jay Alders Surf Artist

(Photo credit: © Michael Herb 204 Studios)


Jay Alders is a fine artist, photographer & designer whose distinctive style & imaginative prowess is recognized around the world. His intricate brushwork, intense colors & superb compositions bring to life his signature elongated figures & stylized forms.

Alders has collaborated and/or toured with talented friends such as: Donavon Frankenreiter, Matt Costa,  The Slater Brothers, ALO, Sean Davey, G Love, Paula Fuga, Echo Movement, John Butler Trio, Rob Machado and Guns N Roses’ guitarist, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to name a few.

Prestigious media outlets & organizations like Surfer Magazine, FuelTV, Surfline.com, SIMA, Line Up Magazine, Longboard Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, FHM Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, Curl Magazine, Alma Surf Magazine & GoOutside Magazine all showcased Jay’s artistic endeavors.

Jay Alders Solitude

Jay’s work has been featured in Galleries from New York City to California, Art Tours in Brazil, Surf Exhibitions on the North Shore of Oahu and 2008 Xgames. Organizations like Emergen-C, Billabong, Endless Games, Donavon Frankenreiter, 9Fish Surfboards, SSV,Ted Shred’s and Original Longboards all have licensed Jay’s Art for their Internationally distributed Product lines.

You can get prints of Jays work over at his store

We managed to pin Jay down and ask him a few questions…..


SS) Jay so first off why do you surf?

JA) Surfing let’s me disconnect to the ‘real world’ while connecting to the beauty,power and energy of the ocean and Mother Nature. The feeling you get is exhilarating and inspiring.


S.S) Jay, so where did it all begin ?

J.A) I’ve been into drawing and art since I was a toddler.


SS) What’s your favourite piece of work?

JA) I don’t really play favorites, but I’m rather fond of my latest piece “Fairy Tails” which I’m going to be releasing by next week.


SS) What are your plans for the next few years ?

JA) Pursuing happiness, spirituality and good health.

SS) What’s on your playlist at the moment?

JA) Jazz,Classical music, JayZ,Dre,Biggie,Jack Johnson,G Love,Donavon,ALO,Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin,Doors,DMB


SS) What’s in your quiver?

JA) I have 8 currently, but my fav’s are: 5’10” Whisnant thruster,5’9″ Quad Doc Aviso Carbon Fiber,6′ Rusty Piranha, 5’4″ 9Fish Quad with my art on it and a 9Foot Australia Longboard


SS) Describe your perfect surf session

JA) Warm clear water, good friends, glassy shoulder to head high fun waves, progression and getting out of the water with a smile on your face.

SS) Who do you surf with?

(JA) I’ll surf with anyone, but when I’m home I have a good core group of friends whom I love sharing the line up with like Mark Sisom & Scott Imbrie.


SS) Where do you surf?

JA) My regular breaks are home in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  My favorite spots I’ve surfed at when traveling is Costa Rica & Oahu.


Jay we wish you the best of luck and look forward to catching up soon.

You can get prints of Jays work over at his store

Make sure to visit Jay’s site:



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