September 26, 2017

California Surf Festival

The California Surf Festival  closes today and begins with the 4th annual “Big Shorts From Little Groms” filmmakers contest. 

Kids 18 and under were invited to make an action sports film under 5 minutes long.

Winners in the past have gone on to be hired by some of the biggest surf companies in the world. 

The Still Point, by Taki Bibelas, is one of the major award-winning films screening in film festivals this year. This French filmmaker, inspired by the work of T.S. Eliot, asks world pioneer surfers about their experience of what it is like to be in the still point of the water. The answers are insightful and thought provoking.  Interviews with Mickey Muñoz, Tom Morey, Paul Strauch, Skip Frye, Jericho Poppler, Steve Pezman, Jeff Divine, Doc Paskowitz, George Downing and many more, have made this film intriguing and in demand! 

Closing the Festival will be the annual Silver Surfer Award, this year presented to San Diego’s legendary surfer and shaper, Skip Frye. 

For more information make sure to check out Their main website

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